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To project the right image of your company to the public eye.

As a global pioneer in the field of reception and distribution technology, WISI has been cooperating with broadcasters for nearly nine decades. WISI has always been in the front line of technological developments in the field of traditional radio transmission, analog and digital terrestrial television, satellite TV, and cable and IP-networks. Our next-generation products and solutions ensure that your content is displayed on-screen in the highest possible quality. From fixed television sets to mobile devices anywhere, WISI enables you to project the right image of your company to the public eye.

More interesting solutions:


From the headend to the wall-outlet: everything for the cable network

Sat receiving systems

In-house satellite distribution systems


Multimedia server to provide additional services to TV networks.

More interesting products:

Satellite receiving systems

Flexible satellite distribution for any size of buildings.


DVB receivers for satellite, cable and terrestrial TV reception.

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