Powering the Multiscreen Video Revolution.

What is Intelligent Video Delivery?

Inca’s Intelligent Video Delivery is an affordable, reliable, and feature-rich software architecture built into every Inca product characterized by its intelligence and deep visibility into each step of the processing chain.

Every time video enters or exits an Inca product, you see video thumbnails of all signals, stream downloads, payload analysis, and alarms. And in a single-click you can download sample videos for offline analysis. All the information you need is right there at your fingertips, in real-time, in a graphically-rich, web-based interface that’s powerful yet very user-friendly.

  • Modular platform for Intelligent Video Delivery
  • Multi-screen live streaming and packaging
  • Sophisticated visual monitoring
  • Adaptive Bitrate Transcoding
  • Unique Hardware & Licensing Model
  • Intelligent Redundancy Options
  • Future Proofed Technology
  • All Seeing Eye Integration

Carrier-Grade Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder

Inca’s adaptive bitrate transcoder delivers high-quality transcoding of HD and SD services for over-the-top delivery to multiscreen devices. The 3840’s hardware transcoding provides predictable density, allowing operators to plan their projects with confidence.

The 3840 adaptive bitrate transcoder allows seamless integration with the Inca Multiscreen Package & Origin Server and other 3rd party packagers. With the 5420ABR, stream up to 100x ABR profiles to set-top boxes, TVs, smartphones and tablets using HLS and support up to 1800 simultaneous clients, or scale using a CDN or proxy server.


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INCA 4400 Video Delivery
  • VidiOS™
  • Modular flexibility, GigE
  • High density linear transcoding
  • Multi-profile ABR
  • 8VSB & QAM Reception
  • ASI Input and Output

The modular platform for Intelligent Video Delivery

The Inca 4400 Modular Series features flexibility with modular processing modules and high-capacity network interfaces. With the 4400 series you can optimize the format, resolution and bitrate of large numbers of live satellite, IP and off-air digital sources for delivery to set-top-boxes or multi-screen devices.

Options include modular platforms with up to three bays that can transcode, transrate or downscale up to 36 HD or 90 SD programs to MPEG-4, in just one rack unit of space, with integrated grooming and monitoring of all streams.

The Inca 4400 Modular Series allows you to scale your infrastructure and easily add capacity as your business grows, reducing capital and operating expenses.


Modular Series 4410 One expansion bay
Modular Series 4420 Two expansion bays + redundant hot swappable PSU
Modular Series 4430 Three expansion bays + redundant hot swappable PSU and fans

Inca 5420 ABR
  • Multiscreen Packager
  • Multiscreen Origin Server
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • HLS

Multi-screen live streaming and packaging

The Inca Multiscreen Package & Origin 5420 is a carrier-grade live streaming packager and origin server for high value Internet video services. It segments and packages multiple streams into the most popular adaptive bitrate protocols.

Originate a broad range of multi-screen services in a scalable, manageable platform. The Inca Multiscreen Package & Origin 5420 supports a variety of content formats for various devices, including smart phones, tablets and connected TVs.

Leveraging industry-standard adaptive streaming protocols, the Inca Multiscreen Package & Origin 5420 provides a unified delivery platform for pay-TV services.

Some of its features include adaptive bitrate streaming, OTT streaming, live streaming, and the powerful VidiOS™ analysis tools.

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INCA 5420 ASE All Seeing Eye
  • Monitor IP Multicast Video
  • Thumbnail Mosaic Display
  • Local and Remote Monitoring
  • VIDIOS™ Stream Analysis
  • Centralized Management
  • Email Notification Service

Sophisticated visual monitoring

Designed to provide a real-time, end-to-end monitoring solution, the Inca All Seeing Eye 5420 identifies and isolates issues integral to Intelligent Video Delivery. By proactively monitoring the network across the organization, providers can improve the quality of service and the video experience while controlling operational costs. Operators can now easily display their entire program lineup for their call center and other staff to monitor as they go about their day, while management can access the same information using a web browser on their desktop or mobile device. So, no matter where you’re located and what level of detail you require, you can access the intelligence needed to manage your network.

The Inca All Seeing Eye 5420 provides sophisticated visual monitoring and an overview mosaic of the IP Video streams in your headend. Inca All Seeing Eye probe functionality is included in every Inca product, and the Inca Modular Series 4400 with probe licensing is available for monitoring streams generated by other vendors’ equipment. Powered by Inca’s VidiOS™ architecture, the Inca All Seeing Eye supports HD and SD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC streams. Team members can interactively oversee the network using any web browser to view mosaics of video thumbnails and easily see how each program is performing.


All Seeing Eye 5420

  • High-density 1 RU Transcoder, Packager and Origin Server
  • Apple HLS - HTTP Live Streaming
  • Award-winning VidiOS™ Stream Analysis
  • Automatic playlist configuration

ALL-IN-ONE Carrier-Grade Transcoder, Live Stream Packager and Origin Server for Internet Video services

The Inca Multiscreen Launch Platform is an all-in-one carrier-grade transcoder, live-streaming packager and origin server for high-value Internet video services. Transcode, segment and package up to 12 HD or 24 SD sources into HLS and serve up to 2 Gbps to downstream client devices. This affordable and efficient 1 RU solution includes automatic packager

Multiscreen Launch Platform

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