HLS Streaming IRD for Video Contribution over the Internet

Video Network Operators are to a large extent dependent on the reception of video streams from satellite, terrestrial, cable or IPTV in closed networks. What if there were a way to use the Internet for content distribution that could be used as source for your headends?

WISI is one of the worldwide innovators of solutions for video and broadband networks, and we now introduce a new solution through the introduction of HLS stream reception in our professional broadcast platform Firefly. HLS is used for media file streaming to mobile devices, but using HLS also for linear TV distribution will make each operator platform independent. While deploying new OTT services, each operator can also use HLS as a cost-effective solution to distribute linear TV channels to each sub headend.

HLS is an http based protocol that provides a robust transfer of video data streams over the Internet. It is mainly used for OTT services, but can also be used for different purposes. The HLS streams transfer file segments that can be received in a headend through IP streaming, and converted to outputs such as QAM, DVB-T, ASI, ISDB-T, FM radio and many more. The Firefly HLS IRD functionality is introduced as a 1 RU 19” stand-alone device with single or dual HLS stream reception capability.

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Statement by WISI expert

"The WISI packager and origin server can function as the transmitting end in an end to end solution with the Firefly HLS IRD to ensure that the end-user obtains his video files in an undisturbed stream, and guarantee a comfortable streaming and broadcasting experience.”

Jörg Mergenthaler
Product Manager
WISI Communications


Multiscreen Launch Platform

INCA Multiscreen Launch Platform (MLP) Serie


  • High-density 1 RU Transcoder, Packager
  • Apple HLS - HTTP Live Streaming
  • Award-winning VidiOS™ Stream Analysis
  • Serves 500 HLS clients at 4 Mbps each via embedded Origin Server
  • Transcodes 12 HD or 24 SD sources to Multi-Bitrate profiles
  • Supports All Seeing Eye™ monitoring

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Carrier-Grade Adaptive Bitrate Transcoder

  • Adaptive Bitrate Transcoding
  • Unique Hardware & Licensing Model
  • Intelligent Redundancy Options
  • Future Proofed Technology
  • All Seeing Eye Integration

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Firefly HLS receiver

HLS receiver

Firefly HLS receiver

  • Single or dual HLS stream reception
  • Conversion of HLS to Multicast/Unicast IP streams
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Very low power consumption

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Firefly HLS IRD


Firefly HLS receiver and Chameleon GNHWUW2

  • Receive HLS streams
  • Conversion from HLS to IP Multicast
  • Multiplexing, scrambling and output generation
  • Output examples: DVB, IP, ASI, SDI, analogue

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Why HLS?

Since Apple launched HLS (Http Live Streaming), the demand for it has grown rapidly and in a short amount of time it has gained acceptance throughout the world as one of the most frequently used protocols for live video streaming over the Internet. As HLS is available already in most regions and can co-exist with new or already deployed OTT services, it becomes an easy decision to use HLS as a protocol for live streaming to headends as well.

Broadcast Live Data Streams Independently

HLS is an interesting option for regional or niche content providers looking to reduce their streaming expenditures. Traditionally, satellite transmitted content is used to bring the content to the end-user. The possibility of Internet streaming adds an alternative and very cost-efficient solution that enables even smaller providers to become independent and responsible for their own streaming. With the WISI packager and receiver technologies smaller hotels, hospitals, university campuses, broadcasters and local TV operators can benefit from HLS contribution for their businesses, thanks to the great advantages this streaming method offers.

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