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The HFC networks of network providers and city carriers are no longer solely designed for the broadcasting of analog and digital TV programs. During the last few years communication services such as broadband Internet access, Video-on-Demand and telephony have been added. Beyond that, customers want to use more and more high definition content on their mobile end devices, which have to be provided by the network operator. These new interactive TV and data services in particular increase the requirements for flexibility and bandwidth in the backbone as well as the access network.

There is now a demand for solutions for how to meet the bandwidth requirements of providers which have developed their network with HFC technology in combination with DOCSIS cable systems. WISI has the ideal answer with the optical high-density platform Optopus for HFC networks. This includes among other things a portfolio of optical transmitters and amplifiers as well as return path receivers for any HFC application. The use of O-band WDM technology with corresponding WISI components the HFC cluster and maximises the bandwidth for connected customers in a cost-efficient way, without using additional glass fiber.

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