Housing industry and hospitality:

Headends for housing complexes, hotels and hospitals.

Over the last years, the trend towards independent provision of TV programs and multimedia services has gained momentum in the housing industry, hotels, hospitals and retirement homes for a variety of reasons. This development is furthered by the fact that the technology is becoming increasingly efficient whereas prices are decreasing. Different stages of expansion can be observed in the market. Apart from feeding encrypted and unencrypted SD and HD programs into different digital formats such as QAM or COFDM, the housing industry and hospitals in particular have demanded and realised solutions for digital-analog reconversion of TV signals . By now the next step towards the full supply of digital HD programs has been accomplished. The ever-enlarging supply of HD programs from public and private broadcasting organisations meets the rapidly increasing demand of tenants, customers, patients and retirement home residents.

The long-term investment horizon prevailing in the housing industry and the hospitality sector requires especially flexible, modular and, above all, sustainable headend systems, which feature compactness and user friendliness. In the face of increasing electricity costs the aspect of power efficiency is another important decision criterion. WISI offers ideal solutions with the high-capacity headend systems OH and Chameleon, which meet the actual demands of service providers and are adaptable to their future upgrade requirements.


Multimedia server to provide additional services to TV networks.

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