WISI Communications Launches 10G MicroPlug™OLT Transceivers Powered by TiBit Communications


Niefern-Öschelbronn–July7, 2020-WISI Communications, a leading international technology developer based in Germany, is announcing the general availability of 10G SFP+ transceivers for 10G EPON and XGS-PON applications, developed by TiBit Communications.

The revolutionary OLT solution embedded in a transceiver can plug directly into a remote node or Ethernet switch with SFP+ ports, making it ideal as an overlay technology or for new network builds.  The MicroPlug™OLT offers a cost-effective, scalable alternative to dedicated OLT equipment. It requires less space and power than any other OLT product, and its modular and remote management capabilities make it an ideal fit for virtualized PON (vPON) solutions and software-defined networking (SDN) implementations.

The OLT and open-architecture management solution is uniquely designed to interoperate with a 3rdparty ONUs to allow flexible, cost-effective pairing with a wide range of customer premise equipment. This interoperability includes pairing with Ethernet-pluggable ONU solutions for a plug-and-play PON deployment without manual provisioning and SLA configuration. This solution enables service providers to deploy high-bandwidth services in an agile, elastic, anddynamic way.

“PON should be much simpler to deploy than it is today.” said Richard Stanfield, CEO of TiBit Communications. “With WISI Communications as a strategic partner we will simplify the deployment and operation of next generation xPON networks. Asa company with a 90-year history in communications, WISI has been one of the world's pioneers in broadband technology. This makes them the ideal partner for the innovative 10G MicroPlug™OLT Transceiver.”

“WISI Communications is excited to partner with TiBit Communications to bring the market leading Pluggable 10G OLT / ONU MicroPlug™ to the European market,” said Axel Sihn, Managing Director of WISI Gruppe.  “The ability to flexibly deploy 10G PON technology, with WISI Communications’ history of innovation and support, will simplify and accelerate 10G PON for FTTX deployments.”

About WISI Communications:

WISI employs 600 people globally with sites in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, UAE, Canada and China. In addition, WISI co-operates with more than 100 partners in all important international markets.

Nine decades ago, the successful journey of this high-tech company started as one of the world's pioneers in RF and broadband technology. Today, new media drives the rapidly increasing demand for broadband services. Modern broadband networks need to be smart, powerful and scalable transport solutions. This is our business. As innovator and technology integrator for the key areas of communication we are committed to innovation, now and in the future. For additional information about WISI Communications visit https://www.wisi.de/en/wisi-group/


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