ANGA COM 2016: Headend 3.0 – Next generation Tangram and Chameleon Systems

With the new Headend 3.0 update WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI) has created a whole new level of software-based updates for its award-winning headend systems Tangram and Chameleon. Headend 3.0 will be presented for the first time at the AngaCom 2016 Exhibition in Cologne, Germany June 7-9 at booth E9, hall 10.2 and booth MS7, hall 10.1

The massive performance increase is made without changing the hardware which means it is available for all existing Tangram and Chameleon modules. Headend 3.0 provides more processing power, as well as higher bitrates and more IP streams than ever, while at the same time taking up less space than before. The new software architecture actually improves performance by an even larger factor than would the increase of resources in new hardware. What is even better is that even though it can do more, it does not require more power consumption.

WISI will also release software packages for streaming, multiplexing and scrambling, as well as other use cases. All the network operator has to do is to pick and choose from a number of different options in order to get the performance he needs.


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