ANGA COM 2016: Pioneering software architecture Headend 3.0 for platforms TANGRAM and CHAMELEON – Distributed headend architecture CCAP R-PHY unites headend and HFC networks

The fast increasing video consumption and changing consumer expectations are challenging operators of cable and IP networks. They request intelligent systems and efficient solutions for the contribution, management, control and distribution of linear, non-linear and TV Everywhere services via their networks to TV sets and mobile end devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. These solutions have to fit into existing infrastructures and should be adapted for future requirements at low expenses. The perfect answers and various innovations are presented by WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI) in hall 10.2 at stand E9. One high-light is the new software architecture Headend 3.0 for the two headend systems TANGRAM and CHAMELEON. It provides to headend operators a much higher performance and efficiency. WISI has extended its optical platform OPTOPUS towards CCAP and DOCSIS 3.1. With its platforms INCA 5420 and INCA 4400 WISI shows a comprehensive and market-leading solution for OTT and multiscreen applications for providers of IPTV and Pay TV services as well as cable and IP network operators.


WISI has equipped its successful headend system TANGRAM for IPTV and analog/digital TV solutions with a pioneering software architecture. This in-house development doubles the performance of TANGRAM modules for the reception and play-out of IPTV streams. The operator saves hardware and increases the operative and commercial efficiency of his headend significantly. For future-oriented operations WISI has extended the TANGRAM system for its export markets by new functionalities for optimal transport stream processing, scrambling, descrambling and enabling e.g. ES-128 and BISS. Another novelty is ATSC-IP Gateway GT 33.

WISI has also equipped its internationally awarded headend system CHAMELEON with its new software architecture. Headend 3.0 increases the performance of the system by factor 3. Network operators can implement the new software architecture in CHAMELEON very easy by an update and maintain their existing hardware. The improved performance more than six times is increasing the number of incoming and outgoing IP streams from 20 to 128. WISI will also release software packages for streaming, multiplexing and scrambling, as well as other use cases. All the network operator has to do is to pick and choose from a number of different options in order to get the performance he needs.

INCA 5420 and INCA 4400

The extremely flexible WISI platform INCA 4400 for linear & multibitrate transcoding allows network operators to optimize transport streams, manage bandwidth efficiently and monitor their TV and video offers. It supports all operators that wish to extend their offers towards multiscreen applications. The operator can optimize the formats, picture resolution and bitrates of digital channel sources and adjust it to different types of multiscreen end devices. Options include modular platforms with up to three bays that can transcode, transrate or downscale up to 36 HD or 90 SD programs to MPEG-4, in just one rack unit of space, with integrated grooming and monitoring of all streams. The great advantage of the INCA platform is VidiOS that is integrated in all products. VidiOS™ monitors and visualizes all transport streams, supports extensive statistical analysis and provides the operator with an instant overview if a transport stream is available in his network.

WISI addresses with its monitoring solution „All Seeing Eye” cable network operators, City Carriers and Telecos. This platform facilitates the management and monitoring of all TV channels with video and audio content offered in one network. The SD, HD, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Audio/Video streams will be displayed with video thumbnail mosaics on readily-available flat-panel TVs or wall mounted displays. The platform provides detailed stream statistics, including PID and payload details, warnings and errors. By this the technical support team can see all channels in one go and trace impairments through the network with easy click-through to remote system management interfaces.

WISI LR 15 S 2/3/4xxx optical transmitters and new LR 4x node series for centralized and distributed CCAP-R-PHY systems and product solutions
WISI introduces at ANGA COM new product lines for CCAP network expansion. With the centralized and distributed CCAP models network operators now have the choice between two different CCAP implementations.

For the central CCAP migration for analog optical transmissions WISI provides the three new 1.2 GHz full spectrum transmitters (LX 15 S 2/3/4xxx) to cover the broader DOCSIS 3.1 frequency range. LX 15 2xxx is a cost-efficient single transmitter solution for the transmission of downstream signals in the entire available frequency spectrum. LX15 3xxx is a powerful, adjustable transmitter including optical amplification. LX 15 4xxx provides a high density and can feed in up to 28 downstream service groups into a fiber network in one OPTOPUS chassis.

The integrated CCAP model replaces Edge-QAM and CMTS by a CCAP platform which separates package processing and data management. It processes the upstream and downstream traffic with HF line cards. This provides various advantages concerning processing density, cabling and space requirements. At the same time investment and operation costs are reduced while flexibility is rising by scaling these new systems.

The decentralized CCAP R-PHY conception is based entirely on the digital transmission (100, 40, 10 Gbps) to the fiber node. Decision for a model by an operator depends on the actual traffic volume at his headend and the ratio of the broadcast and narrowcast amount to unicast and data transmissions. The distributed CCAP model relocates the HF modulation for all services to the so called R-PHY fiber node or in a CCAP R-PHY shelf platform in a hub. The CCAP core and routing platform remain in the headend.
In cooperation with Harmonic WISI provides the entire system chain for the central CCAP migration with analog full spectrum optic (WISI OPTOPUS) and for the migration to distributed architectures with CCAP R-PHY technology. Central migration is supported by WISI with the new configurable 1.2 GHz 2x2 analog fiber node LR 47. For the decentral migration WISI offers a new 1.2 GHz R-PHY node LR 45 with three 10G ports. R-PHY as CableLabs standard is establishing in the MSO market more and more quickly. LR 45 Remote-PHY node reduces investment and operational costs and the complexity of CMTS-Hardware. It has a future-proof architecture and supports all DOCSIS services. LR 45 is in conformity with specifications R-PHY, R-DTI, DEPI, UEPI, GCP, R-DRFI, offers high access bandwidths and has interfaces for NMS functionalities and Bluetooth.

A special factor of this R-PHY technology by WISI and Harmonic is the virtualization of the CCAP core. The DOCSIS MAC layer and other functions are completely realized by software on standard x86 servers. By this a system is scaling with growing size and offers an essential advantage to hardware solutions (TCO). Driven by this technology change classical HFC networks constantly will be transformed in a decentralized architecture (DFC). A further virtualization and an extension of software-based video processing will take place in headends. Also hardware and software platforms will merge and reduce variety of modules. WISI already meets this challenge today.


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