New Software Version for Chameleon Processor & Tangram GT 31

Software version 3.2.2 for our Chameleon Processor, and software version 3.3.2 for our Tangram GT 31 module are now available for download at WISI Connect.

What's new?

  • An issue that caused the tuner not to lock on a valid signal has been fixed.*

*This affects Chameleon Processor with Tuner067 and GT 31 W with hardware revisions 1201 and 1202.

For a complete list of features, bug fixes and improvements for these software versions, log in to your WISI Connect account.A new Tangram manual is available for download at WISI Connect.

Download Software

WISI Chameleon
WISI Chameleon
WISI Tangram GT 31
WISI Tangram GT 31

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