New Software Version for GT 11 (3.2.7) & GT 31 (3.4)



Software version 3.2.7 for the GT 11 switch unit, and software version 3.4 for the Tangram GT 31 module, are now available for download at WISI Connect. 

Highlighted features (GT 31)

  • Improved configuration of scrambling and descrambling.
  • New menu in web UI for fast and simple creation of multiple IPTV SPTS outputs.
  • Support for Unicable for tuner067 and tuner077.

For a complete list of new features, bug fixes, and improvements for these software versions, log in to your WISI Connect account.

Download Software GT 31

Release Notes GT 31



WISI Tangram GT 31
WISI Tangram GT 31

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