New Software Version for Micro Headend OM Series

Software version for three hardware versions for OM 10 0646, as well as one each for OM 10 0648 and OM 11 0648, are now available for download at WISI Connect.

What's new?

  • PLP settings and enhanced input signal information available by clicking the DVB logo at the input settings (Web UI)
  • Transparent mode added for DVB-T output modulation
  • Device temperature displayed in the system menu
  • Service insertion time selectable in CAM
  • If available from provider, TSID, ONID and SID will be changed in EIT-other to OM output settings, to get the maximum EIT/EPG information for all services (Hotel Mode + Normal Mode)

For a complete list of new features, bug fixes, and improvements for this software version, log in to your WISI Connect account.


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WISI Micro Headend OM series
WISI Micro Headend OM series

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