New WISI Micro Headends OM 10 and OM 11

Optimised Compact Headend for the Hospitality Industry – Easy and Efficient Decryption of Pay TV Channels

With the versatile micro headends OM 10 (DVB-S/S2 -> DVB-C/T) and OM 11 (DVB-C/T/T2 -> DVB-C/T), WISI launches a new optimised headend solution in an ultra-compact design for operators of TV distribution systems in hotels, hospitals and residences. With these new solutions WISI meets the market’s high expectations of functionality, flexibility and user-friendliness. Because of their multiplex functionalities before and after the CI-modules, the micro headends are perfect for the very efficient central decryption of pay TV channels. Unique features in this headend class are the options to feed in and stream own video content, such as an info channel in a hotel or a hospital, and the use of static service IDs at the output. Thanks to these new features, no new TV scan is necessary if there are service changes at the input of the headend.

New WISI Micro Headends OM 10 and OM 11
New WISI Micro Headends OM 10 and OM 11
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