Panasonic, WISI and TASCAN Systems cooperate in providing innovative TV>IP solutions for the hospitality industry

Next generation media supply – Infotainment and integrated HbbTV solutions – First projects realised with leading hotel chains

Hamburg, Niefern, Cologne – Panasonic, WISI and TASCAN Systems cooperate in providing high‐grade next generation TV>IP and media supply systems. The three companies combine innovative technologies for tailor‐made integrated hospitality solutions. The offer ranges from a TV supply with sophisticated German and international channels in HD and SD quality, to infotainment systems and interactive HbbTV solutions. The main target groups are hotels, hospitals and senior centres of all sizes. The first projects with leading international hotel chains have been realised in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Oberstaufen.

System integrator TASCAN bundles the TV>IP technology that is integrated in all Panasonic TV sets with WISI’s headend platform TANGRAM, which provides a maximum of flexibility, for the integrated All‐IP media supply systems. The unique TV>IP technology enables supply system operators to implement a certain number of additional attractive applications that perfectly suit their requirements. In particular, this includes the reception of free‐to‐air and pay TV channels via TV>IP, and smart TV functionality such as streaming services, HbbTV, or access to a number of servers by multicast support, as well as the hotel mode with individual setting options. In addition, TASCAN uses the Panasonic TV devices for the reproduction of infotainment content fed in the headend, such as hotel TV. Panasonic’s TV sets also enable hotel guests, patients and residents to display content from mobile end devices, such as  smartphones, tablets and notebooks, on the flat screen. This TASCAN solution is compatible with Android and iOS end devices.

The WISI headend platform converts IP signals for feeding received TV channels from different signal
sources, such as DVB‐S/S2, DVB‐C and DVB‐T2 HD in IPTV signals, and distributes these to all Panasonic TV sets connected to the media supply system. TANGRAM is a platform for extremely low cost and energy efficient streaming applications. Operators may choose between different solutions that fit the size and supply purpose of their hospitality facilities.

“Driven by competition and the increasing demand by business travellers and non‐business guests, a
rethinking starts particularly among our clients in the hotel industry. Step by step, first hotel chains
implement fast Internet combined with TV supply systems and realise a consistent TV>IP supply. Thanks to the partnership with Panasonic and WISI, we are able to be in line with this rapidly growing demand by offering market leading solutions“, says Jochen Ostermeier, Managing Director TASCAN Systems.

“It is WISI’s expectation to provide leading technology for broadband networks, broadband fiber technologies, reception, processing and modulation of digital radio and TV signal distribution, as well as multimedia technologies in the home, around the globe. With Panasonic and TASCAN we now are able to broaden the applications of our systems to optimally serve the needs of our clients in the hospitality industry”, adds Michael Eberle, WISI’s Head of Marketing & Sales Domestic Trade.

The partners are constantly developing their hospitality solution. Next step is the integration of the channel list provision into WISI’s TANGRAM platform. This simplifies the start, configuration and actualisation of the Panasonic TV sets. If TV channels are adjusted later at the central headend, the channel lists implemented in the Panasonic devices will be changed automatically within a specific time period, thus significantly minimising the time this would take for the operator. Another innovation is WISI’s IMS server, which enables the simple operation of different channel lists and additional services.

Hotel TV
Hotel TV
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