WISI: 90 years of cutting-edge technology

Worldwide pioneer of reception and distribution technology for broadcast and broadband – International key role at the central interface of TV and Internet

German firm WISI is celebrating its 90th birthday these days. The high-tech company from Niefern-Öschelbronn nearby Pforzheim is one of the worldwide pioneers for reception and distribution technologies. Since its founding in 1926 by Wilhelm Sihn jr. WISI has launched in nine decades various groundbreaking technical innovations. As leading developer, producer and technology supplier for key communication areas the company is positioned at the central interface of TV and the Internet.

With its self-developed systems and components for broadband networks, fiber optics for broadband, digital signal reception, processing and modulation for TV and radio, in-house multimedia, WISI supports content providers and infrastructure operators around the globe to provide their multimedia and broadband services via high-performing and efficient distribution infrastructures to their customers and audiences.

WISI currently employs 600 people at production sites in Germany, Europe, Canada and Asia. The company has subsidiaries in France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Spain, Canada and China. In addition WISI co-operates with more than 100 partners in all important international markets. Just a few days ago the company has paved the way for the future with a symbolic turn of the sod for a new central shipping point and a functional building at its headquarters in Niefern-Öschelbronn.

Milestones (Extracts)

  • 1926
    founding of the Wilhelm Sihn Präzisionswerkstätten by Wilhelm Sihn jr

  • 1939
    first community antenna tests

  • 1954
    development of the first HF tube amplifier followed by the development of the first HF transistor amplifier

  • 1961
    installation of the first large community reception facility in Baumholder (Germany)

  • 1967
    Frank Sihn joins the company as General Partner

  • 1973
    first test series in 12-GHz directional radio relay. Already in 1974 construction start of a countrywide 12-GHz directional radio feeder network for Swiss cable system headends (GAZ) laying the ground for the upcoming satellite reception

  • 1979
    development of the complete professional technology for the new broadband network for cable TV in Germany

  • 1982
    Deutsche Bundespost (German Federal Mail) begins with the development of the cable network all over Germany. WISI delivers building terminal points and 300 MHz amplifiers

  • 1989
    Start of the ASTRA satellite system. WISI manufactures a broad spectrum of satellite antennas and receiver

  • 1989
    first products of fiber optic technology

  • 1994
    launch of various new products and systems like SAT-Kompakt and TOPLINE-HEADEND

  • 1994
    Axel Sihn joins the WISI corporate management

  • 1996
    development of the GLOBAL LINE and VALUE LINE series for HFC networks

  • 2000
    Integration of all components in the Network Management System (NMS) based on the HMS standard

  • 2001
    system provider for modern multimedia networks

  • 2009
    acquisition of A2B Electronics in Sweden, Strategic focus on digital video and FTTH solutions

  • 2011
    acquisition of high-tech company 2wcom GmbH

  • 2011
    launch of next generation headend systems CHAMELEON and TANGRAM and the platform OPTOPUS

  • 2015
    acquisition of the majority in Canadian Inca Networks, a provider of industry-leading video delivery solutions for the contribution, real-time processing and monitoring of linear and multiscreen TV content
WISI: 90 years of cutting-edge technology


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