Our New WISI HLS Streaming Solution Significantly Reduces Costs for Broadcasters and Content Providers


  • End-to-end solution from playout to headend
  • Affordable delivery of satellite video and dedicated lines
  • Supports video stream reception
  • Ideal for specialty channels, foreign language channels and corporate TV
  • Simple and attractive way for cable operators and distributors to expand TV and video services


Niefern, May 23, 2017 – German company WISI, a global innovator of products and solutions for video and broadband networks, introduces a new professional broadcast platform Firefly at ANGA COM (stand R11 at hall 8a). The platform is an end-to-end solution from playout to headend, complementing the delivery of video via satellite and dedicated lines. Firefly helps small and regional TV broadcasters, and TV and video service providers reduce costs for the distribution of their content. The new broadcast platform also offers interesting opportunities for corporate TV and video applications for corporations, such as TV services for employees located abroad, and efficient distribution of training content. The Firefly solution uses HLS for cost-effective linear TV delivery to headends over the Internet. It also provides new options for cable network operators, and enables the hospitality industry to enhance existing offers with additional content and video services; for example, service providers will be able to supply citizens from abroad with TV channels from their home countries that cannot be received via satellite.

Heart of the Solution: Firefly HLS IRD

HLS is an http based protocol that provides a robust transfer of video data streams over the Internet. Presently, it is mainly used for OTT services and for media file streaming to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs. At the heart of the new WISI solution is the Firefly HLS IRD, which can receive HLS file segments in a headend through IP streaming, and convert these to outputs such as QAM, DVB-T, ASI, ISDB-T, FM radio and more. The Firefly comes in an efficient 1 RU 19” stand-alone device with single or dual HLS stream reception ability. It also supports the reception of encrypted content, and has an intuitive graphical user interface, as well as an IP or ASI output interface. Optional features for the Firefly HLS IRD include an integrated modulator for digital and analog distribution (QAM, PAL, NTSC, SECAM, FM, COFDM etc.), scrambler, descrambler, IP multicast and unicast, multiplexer and de-multiplexer.


Broadcasting and streaming products have been developed by WISI’s Canadian subsidiary Inca Networks. The INCA 4400 transcoder and the INCA 5420 packager and origin server transcode and package the channels and transmit them as unicast HLS stream via the public Internet to the Firefly HLS IRD. To secure the stream delivery, operators can encrypt streams at the source and decrypt them in the receiving headend. For additional processing, operators can deploy either of WISI’s headend platforms Tangram and Chameleon. By combining these products into one end-to-end solution, content can be sent from the broadcaster via the Internet and the supplied headend to the viewer without any loss of quality.

Firefly: New HLS Streaming Solution
Firefly: New HLS Streaming Solution

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