WISI @ ANGA COM 2018: Platforms and Innovations for Next Generation Networks


German firm WISI will present the expanded optical Access Platform OPTOPUS, the extended FTTH platform LR 10 and other solutions for the extension and operation of next generation networks at ANGA COM 2018, stand R11 in hall 8.


The optical platform OPTOPUS has been extended by WISI towards CCAP and DOCSIS 3.1. OPTOPUS is a remarkably flexible high-density platform for all kinds of RF optical networks. The system may be used in any network, such as HFC, RF over Glass and RF Overlay in FTTx applications.

New is the inverted node LR 44 which provides FTTH access through existing HFC plants. The highly integrated components allow the smallest footprint for OBI-free RFoG deployments including optical amplification and high splitting ratios to connect up to 32 ports with options for further internal splits. This is enabled by ruggedized housing that supports installation in harsh environments as well. LR 44 is fully standards compliant with the DOCSIS 3.1 specification with 1.2 GHz in downstream and up to 204 MHz in upstream direction using a pluggable diplexer.

In the range of Remote-PHY connections Dual DVB-C Analyzer VT45 is the ideal addition for the end-to-end monitoring of signal quality. This module has an integrated Dual DVB-C tuner for the continuous monitoring of the complete broadcast spectrum and the simultaneous detailed monitoring of a single channel on the basis of the TS 101290 Prio1 KPIs. This allows the extended management of the remote PHY nodes by the DVB-C parameters. In addition to VT45, the DOCSIS transponder VT 52 D and the HMS transponder VT 52 B are still available. With these add-on modules, WISI’s DOCSIS 3.1 suitable nodes and amplifiers can be further extended with advanced control and monitoring capabilities.

The ASC/ALSC module VX58B supports the simple and automated initial operation by its auto alignment functionality. Here, the desired system level and the system slope are adjusted automatically to achieve an optimal controlled reaction of the amplifier. The main reason for the level variation at the input is the temperature-dependent frequency response of the coaxial cable. It controls a constant output level independent from the input level within the control range.

Virtual Node Split

Also featured by WISI at ANGA COM 2018 is the virtual node split. It allows operators to react to the steady increasing broadband demand of consumers by implementing additional cluster splits. Normally, clusters for broadband expansion were separated and split physically. The implementation of the Distributed Access Architectures (DAA), e.g. with Remote-Phy node LR45, with digital additions on ethernet base are the perfect symbiosis with the virtual node split. With this technology cluster splits on existing coax cable infrastructures can be realized virtually with significantly reduced cluster sizes. The transmitted 10 Gbps signals above the useful signals are creating a virtual supply network for the connected Remote-PHy nodes.

FTTH platform LR 10

WISI has extended its LR 10 FTTH platform by two new modules. The first module is a media converter for P2P ethernet applications in FTTH infrastructures with an integrated RF Overlay receiver. The other new module is a 1GHz CATV receiver. It offers a simple alternative to existing 2.4 GHz products. The LR 10 FTTH platform provides an independent solution for fiber termination and reception of several optical signals, such as RF Overlay reception of CATV and satellite TV signals, return-channel capable HFC applications and Ethernet media converters. The base plate for easy wall mounting offers enough space for up to four fibers, either with pluggable or spliced connectors. The range of extension modules covers pure CATV / SAT-TV reception, including two RF outputs and ALC (Automatic Level Control) via return-channel capable HFC fiber nodes, and media converters for Point-to-Point Ethernet applications. In conjunction with a deliberately designed flat cover, the LR 10 platform is an ultra-compact, living room compatible and unobtrusive system for easy fiber termination with expansion options. The modular extension towards active components could also be a place for gradual migration which is an economic advantage when compared to all-in-one solution replacements.

Remote Phy Node LR45
Remote Phy Node LR45

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