Efficient system solutions for the build-up and extension of next generation networks

The rapidly rising video traffic and the fast merger of Internet and TV are challenging operators interested in the build-up and extension of headend systems and next generation TV contribution networks. They are asking for efficient and intelligent systems that can easily be implemented and integrated in existing infrastructures without significant time exposure. WISI (Stand E9, Hall 10.2) offers the ideal answers and presents a broad portfolio of intelligent solutions for network operators. Highlights are the two extended headend systems TANGRAM und CHAMELEON. The versatile optical access platform OPTOPUS has been developed towards DOCSIS 3.1 and 1.2 GHz. At ANGA COM WISI is launching a new product line for DFC (Digital Fiber Coax) networks. First product of this line is the Distributed CMTS System (Cable Modem Termination System) WISI GV10. WISI will present with its partner INCA Networks for the first time a comprehensive solution for OTT and multiscreen applications.

WISI has extended its successful system TANGRAM for IPTV and analogue/digital TV solutions. At ANGA COM WISI presents new modules and functionalities for gateway and edge applications. The Edge ISDB-T module GT 26 provides up to two ISDB-T channels. A cable network can be fed with a maximum of 24 ISDB-T channels per fully equipped basic unit. Linear transcoder module GT 37 can transcode up to 4 HD respectively 4 SD channels. It supports the formats 1080i, 720p, 576i and 480i, and the codecs MPEG-2 (H.262) and MPEG-4 (H.264). Input options for transcoding are ASI or IP-multicast respectively output options ASI or IP-multicast/unicast. Additionally WISI has extended the functionalities of the TANGRAM modules by security features and has optimized the system management. These improved control options provide the operator with significant cost and time savings.

TANGRAM is an intelligent, efficient and optimal headend system for all operators that need to solve the fast rising transmission of high IP video signal volumes in their network infrastructures. The modules of the TANGRAM family convert IP signals for the feeding of video signals in analogue access networks like RF Overlay or HFC in QAM, COFDM, ISDB-T, PAL, NTSC, SECAM and FM. As high-density platform for the extremely cost-efficient streaming and edge applications (Edge-QAM, Edge-COFDM, Edge-PAL and Edge-FM) TANGRAM offers all required features to be used in professional networks like redundant power supplies, 1+1 and n+1 redundancy, SNMP management, replacement of modules and fans during operation and many more.

More and more cable and IP network operators around the globe decide for the international awarded headend system CHAMELEON. It is designed for all current and future applications and is ideally suited for the transition from the analogue to the digital world as well as the connection between HFC and IP distribution platforms. At ANGA COM WISI will present some extensions of this extremely flexible software based system that distinguish itself by the sustainability of its components and energy efficiency. New features include scrambling and monitoring alarms and will provide higher security for network operators. WISI has also optimized the control options of the system. These improvements will reduce costs and time exposure for CHAMELEON operators.

CHAMELEON offers a high versatility in a single hardware and is unique in the market. The concept provides the operator a high security for his investment in the long term that he can extend with his increasing expectations without high expenditure whenever needed. All module functions can be activated and configured via software license keys. Software options among others are a DVB receiver for the reception of different signals (DVB-S/S2/T/T2/ISDB-T, T2-MI), analog and digital outputs (Edge-QAM/COFDM/ISDB-T, Edge-PAL/NTSC/SECAM) MPEG-4 decoder, IP- and ASI-streamer as well as re-multiplexer and scrambling.

WISI has extended its modular access platform OPTOPUS consistently towards DOCSIS 3.1 and 1.2 GHz. By this network operators are able to respond to the continuously increasing demand for bandwidth. WISI also put a special emphasis on the optimization of energy consumption of all modules. At ANGA COM WISI presents a number of novelties and extensions of the platform.  

The new in-home fiber network termination LR10 has an integrated optical RF receiver for CATV and SAT, a fiber tray and can be easily wall-mounted. It is also available for xPon networks with an integrated WDM filter. LX15 S 3000 is a new optical adjustable full-band transmitter for long signal transmissions of up to 60 kilometers. It is DOCSIS 3.1 compliant and suited for all HFC services. The full-band functionality simplifies the operation of Converged Cable Access Platforms (CCAPs) as the operator not any longer depends on dedicated broadcast and narrowcast transmitters. The frequency range of the dual HFC transmitter has been extended towards DOCSIS 3.1. LX 12 combines two transmitters in one module, is very energy efficient and supports by test point toggling the monitoring of input signals. Other novelties are ValueLine nodes of the LR 2x series for outdoor use. The FttB/FttLA nodes for HFC, RFoG and RF overlay are also DOCSIS 3.1 compliant. The modular node LR 22 is a wideband downstream receiver    (1260 - 1610nm) and CWDM upstream. LR 23 (1310nm) and LR 27 (1550nm) are HFC/RFoG fiber nodes with CWDM upstream. The OPTOPUS platform is an ideal solution that fits into every optical network and more and more is implemented in FTTx with RF Overlay, RF over Glass architectures as well as HFC applications. The system provides the operator with high flexibility, reliability, a very high density and outstands by a very low energy consumption.

WISI GV10 – Decentralized CCAP solution
WISI launches at ANGA COM a new product line DFC (Digital Fiber Coax) networks. The first product of this line is the CCAP solution (D-CMTS - Distributed CMTS) WISI GV10. It is a cable edge device for the delivery of video, data and voice services over coax. The implementation of CCAP supports the production and distribution of video, data and voice via a single digital platform and the optimization of capital and operation expenditures in central and regional headends. Furthermore a standardized (R-PHY) protocol is driving the digitalization of HFC networks.

WISI GV10 is compact and energy efficient. The new cable edge device moves the DOCSIS signal and protocol processing out of the headend via fibre to the location of the coax feed-in. In particular it is suited for FTTB (GPON, P2P) applications in hospitality areas as well as for alternative carriers and cable networks. GV provides more service flexibility to the operator and can lower his capital and operational expenses.The CMTS provides 16 64/256 QAM modulated EuroDOCSIS downstream channels. In the upstream GV10 provides four upstream channels with 1.6/3.2/6.4 MHz per channel. Modulations are QPSKK/16QAM/32QAM/64QAM. The new WISI D-CMTS is the first in a row of more products for the migration of today‘s HFC to DFC network architectures based on CCAP specifications.

OTT and Multiscreen
For personalized TV applications (OTT and Multiscreen) WISI and its partner INCA Networks present a comprehensive solution. This includes all necessary products for multi-bitrate transcoding and adaptive streaming, in particular advanced user interface functionalities as the efficient VidiOS™ user interface and a mosaic builder. The system also offers diverse options to analyze streams.



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