Extension of cable headend systems - Solutions for the merging of TV and broadband Internet - New amplifiers

WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI) presents at ANGA Cable 2012 (June 12 to 14) in Cologne at stand E9 numerous innovations for the build-up and extension of future proof TV headends and next generation networks. Highlights are the two extended headend systems Chameleon and Tangram and the Multi Screen Content Management System „AiMS". WISI also has expanded the product portfolio of its optical access platform Optopus, its compact headend system OH and will show a number of new amplifiers.


The headend system CHAMELEON is very flexible and can be used in linear TV distribution networks or in multiscreen applications. Utilizing a single hardware all Chameleon modules are configured and programmed by software only. This concept reduces the total cost of ownership of the network headend. At ANGA Cable WISI is extending Chameleon by a new encoder module. Among others available software modules for Chameleon are all DVB tuners, DVB and analogue modulators for different outputs, transmodulators, descrambling, MPEG-4 Decoder, IP- and ASI streamer as well as re-multiplexer. This huge variety of functions in one hardware makes the product unique.


With the ongoing digitalization of the networks more and more video signals are transported via IP. For feeding these IP encapsulated video signals into the analog access networks like RF Overlay or HFC, they need to be converted in QAM, COFDM, PAL and FM. WISI‘s product family Tangram is a high density platform for cost efficient realization of these edge applications (Edge QAM, Edge-COFDM, Edge Pal and Edge FM). The system offers all required features to be used in professional networks like redundant power supplies, 1+1 and n+1 redundancy, SNMP management, replacement of modules and fans in operation and many more.

Multi Screen Content Management System "AiMS"

The TV market is rapidly changing due to the continuing merge of broadband and broadcast, thus offering the possibilities of interactivity and personalized content. For network operators who would like to keep their ability to compete in this dynamic media environment it is a must to provide video content and multimedia services from any source to any network to any device. Together with the technology partner IP.Netcom WISI will show its comprehensive Multi Screen Content Management Solution AiMS as the ideal response for this challenge. AiMS presents the services in the correct layout and corresponding resolution on flat screens, PCs, smartphones, tablets and STBs with the highest possible bandwidth. According to the trend „Any video from any source to any device in any network" the user is able to take the service to any place with his tablet or smartphone.


WISI also shows its optical access platform Optopus. This modular system is highly flexible, has an industry leading density, is very reliable and ideally fits in any optical network such as FTTx networks with RF Overlay or RF over Glass as well as HFC applications. Especially for FTTx networks including RF over Glass applications Optopus offers all necessary components and modules. RF over Glass by using all established transmission formats like PAL, DVB and DOCSIS is the ideal FTTx technology for cable network operators.
In addition WISI offers in its Optopus platform diverse products that allow an optimal cluster splitting. Novelties of the Optopus platform are a cost-efficient O-band transmitter for the separation of networks up to 20km and a high performance DWDM transmitter for broadcast/narrowcast architectures. WISI's RF Overlay solution based on the OPTOPUS portfolio consists of a comprehensive family of optical 1550nm transmitters and amplifiers. These in particular meet the necessary requirements of blast and split architectures used in Point-to-Point or PON networks.

New Compact Nodes LX9x

WISI shows with the RF Overlay Receiver LR91, HFC Fibernode LR 92 and the RF over Glass Micronode LR 93 a new series of compact optical network scheduling for HFC, FTTx and RF over Glass. These innovations are optimized for FTTB applications, offer a high output, have an extremly low input sensitivity and improved functionalities for starting and interference elimination.

Headend System OH

WISI has extended its compact headend system OH by the new Twin A/V Encoder OH66. The modular and flexible expandable system offers powerful technology at compact dimensions. The basic unit OH 50 offers slots for up to 14 modules. This allows optimal channel processing of up to 14 analogue TV channels respectively 28 digital transponder streams. WISI offers a broad portfolio of DVB modules, Twin DVB-S/S2 modules and optional accessories, e.g. for the programming and remote monitoring of the system.

New Amplifiers

WISI has extended its VALUE LINE by new distribution amplifiers series VX15C, VX16C and VX 19C with modular return path. Further novelties are the new energy-saving In-house distribution amplifiers VX 82 2P (MINI LINE), VX 89 2P (MIDI LINE) and VX 46 2P (HOME LINE). All amplifiers can be configured by PADs or jumpers.



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