Any Video from any Source to any Device

Intelligent solutions for the fast merging of TV and broadband Internet - Extension of future-proof headend systems

WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG (WISI) presents at booth B22 at the 10. FTTH Conference (February 19. - 21. 2013) in London various innovations and solutions for the build-up and extension of future-proof TV headends and next generation networks. Highlights are Multi Screen Content Management System „AiMS", the extended next generation headend systems Tangram and Chameleon and the optical access platform Optopus.

Multi Screen Content Management System "AiMS"

TV and broadband internet are merging faster and faster. Drivers of this pan-European development are SmartTVs and mobile end devices combined with a changing consumer behavior. For network operators who would like to keep their ability to compete in this changing environment it is more and more important that they are able to provide HD TV content and multimedia services in any network on all available fixed and mobile devices. WISI has the ideal response for this challenge for all network operators with its comprehensive Multi Screen Content Management Solution „AiMS". AiMS presents the available services in an identical lay-out and correct resolution on PCs, flat screens, smartphones, tablets and set-top-boxes with the highest possible bandwidths. According to the motto „Any video from any source to any device in any network" the user is able to take the service to any place with his tablet or smartphone.


With the ongoing digitalization of networks more and more video signals are transported via IP transmission. For feeding these IP encapsulated video signals into the analogue access networks like RF Overlay or HFC, these need to be converted in QAM, COFDM, PAL and FM. WISI‘s product family Tangram is a high-density platform for extremely cost efficient „Edge" applications (Edge-QAM, Edge-COFDM, Edge-PAL and Edge-FM). WISI is extending this system step by step. The newest member of the Tangram family is an encoder module. The system offers all required features to be used in professional networks like redundant power supplies, 1+1 and n+1 redundancy, SNMP management, replacement of modules and fans during operation and many more.


WISI offers with Chameleon an innovative and future-proof headend system that is extremely flexible and provides ubiquitous applications for the user. All module functions can be activated and configured via software license keys. This concept offers the operator a high security for his investment in the long term. Chameleon's software features among others are DVB tuners for different outputs, transmodulators, Edge-QAM, MPEG-4 Decoder, IP- and ASI streamer as well as re-multiplexer.


The access platform Optopus ideally fits into every optical network such as FTTx with RF Overlay, RF over Glass architectures as well as HFC applications. This modular system provides the operator with high flexibility, reliability and a very high density. WISI's RF Overlay Solution bases on the Optopus portfolio and consists of a comprehensive family of optical 1550nm transmitters and amplifiers. These in particular meet the necessary requirements of blast and split architectures used in Point-to-Point or PON networks.



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